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Hi, I’m Mark, with Boston Brick & Stone.  Who would think that the experience of one contractor’s free driveway estimate would be consistently better than any other’s?

Although I’m only one of several dozen employees at Boston Brick & Stone, I’m the one who will come to your home in the general LA County area to provide you a free, professional, friendly and detailed estimate for your driveway repair or replacement, using concrete, brick, cobblestone, paving stones and/or decomposed granite.

Although I’d like to think that my charming personality is enough to claim my estimates to be the best experience you’ll receive in terms of driveway repair, the truth is really a reflection of the company I represent and the following points.

Why Is Boston Brick & Stone So Good?

Since I speak with many homeowners who have been referred by our happy customers (see our driveway testimonials), I often get asked, “Why is Boston Brick & Stone so good?” Here are some of my responses which also equate to a better driveway estimate experience:

1. Boston Brick & Stone is a fully licensed, insured and bonded contractor. Unlicensed contractors with no insurance and no bonding put home owners – and their driveways – at risk.

2. I provide a detailed written estimate, with no hidden costs and guaranteed pricing for 90 days.  Some contractors provide no written estimate, which means there is no price guarantee.  Additionally, there may be hidden costs and the homeowner may be subject to changing prices and/or changes in the driveway repair services that were promised. I will not underbid your job just to get the business!

4. We use the highest quality materials available to fix or replace your driveway.  Other contractors will be cutting corners on your driveway materials.

5. All our crew members are experienced employees of Boston Brick & Stone.  Other contractors rely upon untrained, temporary workers they hire off the street.

6. You will be called or emailed everyday about your driveway repair, so you are always kept up-to-date about your driveway progress.  No other company provides regular progress updates like we do.

7. There is always someone at the Boston Brick & Stone office to either answer your questions or get them answered promptly.  Most other contractors do not have the office staff to answer phones and answer your questions, at the time you call.

8.  Boston Brick & Stone uses high quality materials to ensure your driveway will not have to be redone.  Other contractors use lower quality materials to lower the cost and raise the risk for your driveway repair or replacement.

There is simply no other contractors who deliver the value that we will bring to your driveway repair or replacement.

Find out for yourself. After I have visited your home, answered your questions and offered a detailed estimate, ask yourself, “Did Mark provide me the most friendly and professional FREE DRIVEWAY REPAIR ESTIMATE of those that I received?” I’m confident that you’ll answer “YES!”

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